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Welcome to Foot Dynamics

Providing high standards and expertise in Podiatry


Welcome to Foot Dynamics

Foot Dynamics podiatrists are able to offer you the best treatment and advice on all foot conditions. ?The areas treated range from disorders in children?s feet to complex musculo-skeletal injuries to the ongoing management of common foot disorders in older people.

Walking is one of the most important activities that we all take for granted.? Most people don’t appreciate the significance walking has on the whole body including the heart (Honolulu Heart Study), circulatory system, cancer prevention, weight management and all associated conditions including arthritis and diabetes.? Not to mention the mental health benefits with regards to lowering stress, anxiety and improving depression.

Founded in 1999, Dave and Susie Pope have established a popular and highly regarded Podiatry practice in Berkshire, Surrey and the surrounding areas committed to providing high quality footcare in order to keep people comfortable and walking longer.

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Home visits can also be arranged for clients who are physically unable to attend the practices.


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A standard podiatry appointment will include diagnosis and treatment of any nail conditions, removal of painful callus and corns and advice on all aspects of foot healthcare.

In-growing toenails and other painful nail conditions can also be dealt with using minor surgical techniques under local anaesthetic, if required, providing a curative solution.

Diabetic foot checks can be undertaken and will include general treatment and advice on footcare and maintenance.


Biomechanics & Orthotics

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General podiatric consultations can be undertaken for advice regarding foot related problems including sports injuries and gait analysis can be undertaken, if necessary.

High quality custom inserts (orthotics) and bespoke orthodigital devices can be prescribed if required. Mechanical problems in the feet such as ?flat feet? can affect other parts of the body resulting in lower back, hip and knee pain as well as foot pain.


Verruca Treatments

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Although verrucas are incredibly common and are also generally harmless, some people find them itchy, painful, embarrassing or just a general inconvenience.

Chances are they will eventually go away on their own but this can take months or even years so if you?re bothered by verrucas, treatment is highly recommended.


What our clients think

“I regularly visit Mr Pope as I have a chronic arthritic condition which particularly affects my feet. When I visit Mr Pope my feet are burning. But afterwards I am walking on air.”

Mrs W (Wokingham)

“I initially came to see Mr Pope after I was referred by my physiotherapist with chronic hip pain. Mr Pope prescribed a pair of custom foot orthotics, which resolved my hip pain within a couple of months. I now see Mr Pope for regular podiatry treatment, for removal of my hard skin and corns which is heavenly.”

Mrs S (Woking)

What our clients think


Foot Dynamics are now able to offer an exciting, effective (77%) new verruca treatment.

What our clients think


95% of patients treated would recommend this therapy.

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