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My husband and I are very keen walkers. Unfortunately a few months ago I developed pain in my ITB?s due to my flat feet. I was referred to Mr Pope by my physiotherapist. After seeing Mr Pope, he explained why I was getting the pain in my thighs and after assessing my gait and feet, prescribed me with orthotics, which I am pleased to say have completely cured my painful legs.

Mrs W (Wokingham)

I regularly visit Mrs Pope usually during the winter months in order to have my painful corns removed. Mrs Pope has explained that my shoes are the cause. But I am more than happy to continue with my killer heels as after Mrs Pope has attended to my soft corns they are pain free for months.

Ms D (Ascot)

I regularly visit Mr Pope as I have a chronic arthritic condition which particularly affects my feet. When I visit Mr Pope my feet are burning. But afterwards I am walking on air.

Mrs W (Wokingham)

I initially came to see Mr Pope after I was referred by my physiotherapist with chronic hip pain. Mr Pope prescribed a pair of custom foot orthotics, which resolved my hip pain within a couple of months. I now see Mr Pope for regular podiatry treatment, for removal of my hard skin and corns which is heavenly.

Mrs S (Woking)

I came to see Mrs Pope with painful ingrowing toenails which I?d had for years. Initially I declined to have my toenails operated on and persevered with just getting them cut back. However, recently I decided to go ahead with the surgery. I wish I hadn?t been so nervous as it was no problem at all, and now I have toenails which I can paint and which give me no discomfort whatsoever. Fantastic

Miss L (Crowthorne)

The best thing I?ve ever done.

Mr D (Crowthorne)

I have suffered with a painful ingrowing toenail for years. Mr Pope assured me that the procedure to resolve this condition would be “very simple and possibly without any discomfort” and I am amazed to say he was right! I wish I had done it years ago! I am so pleased I went to Foot Dynamics!

Mrs H (Crowthorne)

I came to see Mr Pope after my Wife persuaded me, for longstanding pain in my knees. Mr Pope assessed me and diagnosed the hyperpronation in my feet were causing the inside of my knees to hurt. He ordered me some custom made foot orthotics and within five weeks I was playing squash again. Not bad for a seventy seven and a half year old!

Mr M (Wokingham)

The (ingrowing) toenail you fixed has been great I ran a marathon on it at the end of November!

Mr W (Bracknell)

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My life was a misery with my ingrowing toenails until I visited Mr Pope?s practice

Ingrown toenail – Before

Ingrown toenail - After

Ingrown toenail – After

Mr B (Crowthorne)

These verrucas had plagued me for years!

Verrucas - Before

Verrucas – Before

Verrucas - After

Verrucas – After

Mrs C (Finchampstead)

Underriding toe - Before

Underriding toe – Before

Underriding toe - After

Underriding toe – After

Young child with an underriding 3rd toe

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